Aunt Ruby's German Green - Large green variety with flavor that is sweet, yet spicy and quite delicious..

Black Krim - Dark brown-red tomatoes are very richly flavored with just a hint of saltiness.

Black Prince - Siberian tomato that is full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavors.  Perfect for eating fresh, and in cooking in tomato sauce or other culinary wonders.

Black Zebra - A juicy, rich, complex delightful tomato with flavors that contain hints of smoke and sweetness. 

Box Car Willie - A tomato with old-fashioned flavor that will remind of your childhood.

Brandywine - Heirloom Amish variety dates back to 1885; a sweet tomato with nice acidity. 

Cherokee Purple - The tomatoes are absolutely delicious with a pleasantly sweet and rich flavor.

Coeur de Boeuf - A very flavorful and meaty French tomato. Great for tomato tarts and sauce.

Costoluto Genovese - Italian heirloom tomato that is meaty, full-flavored, slightly tart, and delicious.

Delicious - This really big tomato produces huge 1-to 3-lb fruit that are delicious!

Golden Jubilee - This tomato has delicious taste and solid, smooth substance.Excellent in salsa

Green Zebra - A unique and delicious ttomato. The light green flesh is very flavorful, sweet yet zingy.

Japanese Black Trifele - This Russian heirloom has very rich and complex flavors and luscious flesh.

Jaune Flamme - Delicious full-bodied tomato with flavor that literally bursts in your mouth.

Kentucky Beef - Heirloom found in the hills of eastern Kentucky. Large deep-orange beefsteak fruits. Very big, sweet flavors

LIimmony - A light-yellow beefsteak that is loaded with lots of luscious, big sweet tangy flavors.

Mortgage Lifter - A meaty tomato with few seed and nice higher acid flavor. Folklore says variety named by a man who sold this crop to pay off a farm he was about to lose.

Paul Robeson - Very flavorful tomato with luscious earthy, exotic flavors and good acid/sweet balance.

Pineapple - The taste is wonderfully mild with tropical fruity-sweet flavors. This is a show stopper!. 

Red Zebra - The flavor of this tomato is irresistibly sweet and tangy with a rich aroma.

San Marzano Redorta - A larger and better tasting tomato than its more famous cousin, San Marzano. An excellent choice for a wonderful complex and flavorful choice for tomato sauce and salsa.

Yellow Brandywine - These have an incredibly rich and deep flavor in deep golden yellow tomatoes.


Amish Gold Slicer - Excellent flavor for fresh eating or canning.

Annamay - Cocktail tomato with full flavor.

Jet Star - A low-acid tomato with exceptional flavor.

Kakao - This black tomato has flesh that is soft with a savory flavor, almost like it has been sea-salted.

Lemon Boy - Lemon yellow tomato that is full flavored and adds an inviting color to salads.

Original Goliath - This is a meaty, sweet, tomato with nicely balanced luscious flavor.

Pozzano - A sauce tomato with the classic San Marzano shape with high solids so they sauce down quickly.

Prime Beef Goliath - Flavorful beefsteak tomato that is perfect for sandwiches.

Ramapo - “The Jersey Tomato” with a sweet tangy mouth filling flavor. This is the one people have been asking for.

Rebelski - A European market ribbed tomato with a combination of very good flavor, texture, and presentation.

Temptation - Cocktail tomato with sweet, genuine tomato flavor.


Black Cherry - The only truly back cherry tomato is irresistibly delicious with sweet, rich, complex, full tomato flavors that burst in your mouth.

Gold Berries - An incredibly beautiful cherry with very sweet and rich flavor.

Green Doctors - A favorite green cherry with good sweetness and lots of flavor.

Green Tiger - Chefs rave about their extraordinary beauty and superb flavor.

Jolly - This cute cherry tomato has good acid content and is sweet and juicy.

Orange Zinger - Dark orange, fruits have big tomato flavor with a perfect sweet to tangy ratio.

Pink Bumble Bee - Striped cherry with excellent sweet flavor.

Pink Tiger - Very striking appearance combines with reasonable earliness and excellent flavor.

Sunrise Bumble Bee - Beautiful striped cherry with sweet and tangy flavor.

SunSugar - This cherry tomato is sugar-sweet with superb texture, and a tangy "true tomato" taste.

Sweet Baby Girl - The ultimate in super-sweet cherry tomatoes.



Clackamas Blueberry - One of the most popular blue-skin tomatoes for flavor.

Indigo Apple - A descendant of the famed OSU Blue fruit tomato that has good complex, sweet tomato flavor and great shelf-life.

Wagner Blue Green - This great “Blue” tomato is impressive with its beauty and great flavor.


Armenian cucumber - Although a member of the muskmelon family, this fruit tastes like a bitter free cucumber.

Corinto- Flavorful slicer with few seeds.

Lemon - A sweet and flavorful cucumber that isn’t bitter and is burp free.

Unistar - A crunchy flavorful snack cucumber.


Orient Express - Attractive, slender, fruits in the long Oriental style.  Tender, delicately flavored, and quick cooking.


Early Italian Purple - Good all around garlic.

Inchelium - Mild, but lasting flavor with a hint of hot

Spanish Roja - Strong and spicy garlic.


Holland Red Shallot - Excellent flavor, great in sauce.