Richard Ness and Mary Young-Ness started Kittitas Valley Greenhouse in 1988.  Kittitas Valley Greenhouse grows the highest quality hydroponic tomatoes.  The greenhouse is located on Umptanum Road, three miles from the intersection of Umptanum and Canyon Roads, on the southwest hillside of the Kittitas Valley.

The greenhouse sight is on a farm purchased by Mary's grandfather, William F. Erickson, during the Great Depression. The greenhouse is situated on a piece of land that has not traditionally been farmed.  Rich worked on a truck farm in the Kent Valley throughout his high school and college years and is utilizing his farm experience in the greenhouse.  Greenhouse growing also utilizes Rich's college chemistry education.  Mary is a former CPA and provides the business background for the business.


The location of the greenhouse utilizes the natural spring that for years served as the domestic water source for the houses on the property.  This spring water is very pure and reliable.  Even in water short years there is sufficient water for the greenhouse.  Because this is a natural spring, there are no trace pesticides or herbicides in the water nurturing our plants